Hi, welcome to Science Fiction HQ. My name is Paul and I created this website to have a spot on the web to write about my passion: Science Fiction. I am an avid Science Fiction reader everything from Space Opera’s to more ‘hard’ SF. I am willing to give it all a try to get my fix.

As you might have guessed, this site will mainly provide you with reviews of the Science Fiction books I have read, but in the future I intend to branch out. News, movie reviews, thoughts on television series and the occasional video game, board game or toy. Let’s see where the web takes us!

Thanks for visiting!

P.s.: if you like what you read, help me out. If you consider buying the books/movies/whatever of the review you just read, consider buying it through the links in the post. Amazon pays me a small commission which allows me to finance hosting and stuff like that. It won’t cost you anything and helps me out big time.